WebMux – The Story of WebMux

webmux load balancer image

History of WebMux

During the rapid growth of the Internet sensation of the 1980’s, an engineer in California saw the need for a product that was not yet available on the market to load balance network traffic among servers in a local network. He understood the complexities and the different methods for load balancing data packets to the desired destination and he wanted his product to handle it all, but also wanted the product interface design kept simple for easy configuration, installation, and maintenance on the network. In 1987, the development of the WebMux product began by a company that later became CAI Networks.

CAI Networks was driven by talented and highly aptitude engineers whose only mission was to develop a product that met the needs of their customers. Throughout the years they gained their outstanding customer service reputation just by listening and then delivering the product features and functions customers asked for all at a price that was affordable.

In 1999, one of the oldest United States scientific agencies discovered the WebMux product and tested it for their services to the United States Department of Defense. To this day, the WebMux products provide the pivotal role in managing, controlling, and securing these services.

After extensive testing and validation, Microsoft in 2005 chose WebMux as one of the first three hardware load balancer (HLB) to support its Unified Communications (UC) Office Live Communications Server (LCS) platform and in 2007 Oracle® certified WebMux for their Application Server 10G product.

The WebMux products provided the games contents delivery for China’s Asia Games in 2010. The WebMux products were able to deliver and handle 9 GB/s of network traffic during the games.

Throughout these years, CAI Networks delivered solid products to the market where AVANU was one of their resellers who sold WebMux to Fortune 500, hosting entities, and many mid-size companies globally.

In 2012, the founder and owner of CAI Networks decided to retire and enjoy the balance of his life with other personal interests. In August 2012 AVANU acquired the WebMux and DNSMux products from CAI Networks and key engineers joined the staff of AVANU as the company redirected its business to become a developer and manufacturer of products for the IT infrastructure and data center environments.

AVANU’s mission is to assure there are no interruptions to the services and support for existing and new customers alike. Since the acquisition, AVANU successfully completed the proprietary product software development enhancements upgrading it from a 32-bit to a higher performing 64-bit processing platform along with new features that improve the management and functionality. Along with the software feature enhancements, the hardware was upgraded with server-grade components and features to support the higher performance, reliability, and management. The AVANU WebMux Network Traffic Manager hardware appliance models were officially launched in 2014 and the Virtual WebMux software appliance was launched in 2015.