Asymmetric Routing Static Route Solution

Concept – Server Static Route Solution:

  • Servers can use static routes to force the routing order instead of relying on the WebMux Server LAN Gateway as default (usually last routing rule)
  • This can even work when clients are on the same subnet but the cost metric of the route to the WebMux has to be less the than metric of the route for the local LAN
  • It forces all server responses to go via the WebMux
  • The benefit over the SNAT solution is that SNAT is limited to 65,535 simultaneous clients
  • The overhead  of the WebMux receiving all the traffic existing toward the local network may not be bad if the server is dedicated to the load-balanced function – as the traffic would be destined there anyway.
  • If the load-balanced services are small part of the server function then the WebMux will have unnecessary load.

webmux server static route