Asymmetric Routing Enforce Default Gateway

Concepts – “Enforcing the Default Gateway”


Internal clients return traffic needs to go back through the WebMux or the client will ignore asymmetric route responses from servers (in which servers try to respond directly to locate clients by their IP addresses and their local LAN default routing).


Find the setting for the WebMux “Server LAN Gateway” IP address (a separate address from the WebMux LAN interface addresses – shared – so that it can float back and forth between them depending on failover status).

Remove the local network route from the server’s routing table (for Unix/Linux systems).

webmux asymmetric routing enforce default gateway

NOTE: For Windows, you cannot remove the local network route, instead you can add another local network route on the top of the existing one. The local network route will point to the WebMux Sever LAN Gateway IP as the gateway. This new route will have a smaller metric value which will cause it to be the preferred route for the local network, overriding the original one.