WebMux Management Port

The WebMux management port is designed to allow you to secure management access to the WebMux GUI and command line interface on a separate network from the load balancing traffic of the WebMux.  For best security DO NOT set a management port IP address that is on either from the WebMux “router LAN IP” nor “server LAN” subnets.

By default, the management port is set with the IP address of with the netmask of  You can connect to it by setting your client computer with an IP address in the 192.168.10.x network and connecting it to the management port of the WebMux.  You can then access the WebMux GUI at or  You can also access the WebMux CLI by telnet on port 87 or by ssh on port 77.



To change the management port IP address, press and hold the red ‘x’ button:



You will then see this next screen.  Use the up/down arrow keys to change the change the number.  Use the left/right arrow keys to move the cursor to the next octet.  Press the check mark button to submit the change:



Set the netmask on the next screen.  Press the check mark button to continue:



If you decide you want to undo all your changes and exit immediately, use the left/right arrow keys and select “YES”.  Then press the check mark button to submit.  Otherwise, keep the (*) on the “NO” and press the check mark button to continue.



The final screen will ask you to set your changes.  Press and hold the √ button for 5 seconds to submit:



The new IP address should now be active on the management port and the MGMT LAN front panel switch indicator will show it is active.