We live in an environment where connectivity and availability expectations are very high

The Internet allows us to research vast amounts of information, provides quick and convenient shopping, and lets people collaborate and stay connected in many different ways.

What would it mean if your internal organization or customers lose or cannot connect to your network back end servers where the applications are servicing their needs? Whether it is connecting to your web site or accessing internal accounting records, the frustration levels will escalate.

This is where AVANU’s WebMux Network Traffic Manager plays a key role in your network to prevent situations like these.

WebMux Network Traffic Manager is an enterprise-class server load balancing/ADC solution
that plays a critical role in the local network infrastructure assuring peak performance and high availability.

WebMux manages, delivers securely, and reliably Layers 4-7 TCP/UDP IP traffic
for applications and services to and from the internal network of servers/server farms.

Reliable High Performance Load Balancing
WebMux is built on the 64-bit processor platform with intensive algorithms to provide high capacity, reliability, and availability.
Robust Features
WebMux has a full range of load balancing scheduling methods, operations modes, and security features on all hardware appliance models and software editions for Virtual Cloud environments.
Easy and Fast Deployment
WebMux has multiple easy configuration methods to get you up and running in no time.
Fantastic Value and Affordability
WebMux delivers more performance and value at less cost for a high return on investment. WebMux leverages your existing network investments.
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Discover the WebMux difference that has been tested over time and proven to be a powerful enterprise-class server load balancing/ADC solution that is affordable for any size business. This is what our customers have to say about AVANU and WebMux.
“We work with trusted suppliers such as AVANU, who not only have a keen customer-centric focus but are technically savvy and understands both our and our customers’ needs.”
Vice President of TechnologyManaged Hosting Provider