WebMux Network Traffic Manager

Why Spend More Than You Need for High Performance and Reliability?

Affordable high performing 64-bit strength load balancing solution for managing, directing, controlling, and securing network Layers 4-7 local traffic

This is what our customers have to say:

“Thank you for being persistent and hammering out solid products. We must have the most robust solution with the best throughput. I appreciate all of the effort,” Systems Engineering Division Chief (US Government)

“We partnered with AVANU because the WebMux is a vital part of the whole UC solution while providing an affordable solution for our clients,” President (Unified Communications Reseller)

“AVANU has provided products and services to us for several years now. It has been a relationship of mutual trust and respect. We know we can rely on their technical expertise to get the job done quickly and to do it right the first time. Their excellent work ethic, outstanding communications skills, and very high integrity have set AVANU apart from many other companies we do business with. We only wish other companies would follow AVANU’s example,” President (Managed Hosting Provider)

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Other common names for network traffic management products include load balancers (LB), hardware load balancers (HLB), network load balancers (NLB), local traffic managers (LTM), and application delivery controllers (ADC).