WebMux Customers

Every manufacturer has their way of specifying their local network load balancing solutions. It is difficult to make one to one comparison on almost any parameter.

First, there are many terms used in the market to reference the basic functions of load balancing local network traffic. Here are a few common ones: application delivery network (ADN) load balancer, network traffic manager (NTM), application delivery controller (ADC), load balancer (LB), hardware load balancer (HLB), network load balancer (NLB), server load balancer (SLB), and local traffic manager (LTM).

Second, every manufacturer details their product features differently, making it more challenging for a buyer.

With WebMux, there are some salient features highlighted by our customers in their selection of WebMux for load balancing their local network infrastructure – reliable trouble free operation, ease of setup and operation, performance, cost of ownership, and overall value.

While customers commend us for our quality and professional support, we praise and value our customers’ product feedback and suggestions. Throughout WebMux’ life history, this has lead its way to always be a better product to meet real-life network needs.

This is what our customers have to say about AVANU and WebMux that manages and secures their local network (Layers 4-7) TCP/UDP IP traffic, assuring peak performance and high availability for different applications and services.


“We use AVANU’s WebMux for our clients’ projects because of its sophisticated load balancing capabilities and by utilizing the intuitive application setup wizards, we get WebMux up and running in no time. WebMux has proven itself to be a great product for our large enterprise-size customers,”
President of IT Security and Infrastructure Technologies Solutions Provider

“One of our primary focus is on Microsoft® UC applications deployments that require hardware load balancing. Seeing AVANU’s new GUI enhancements for a variety of applications make the WebMux setups a real breeze,”
President of Microsoft® and Cisco® systems consultant

“WebMux was one of the first Network load balancing solutions selected by Microsoft® for their unified communications product back in 2005. After taking a closer look, we immediately saw the underlying power, capability, and affordability of WebMux. The WebMux product quality as a whole fits right in with the type of services and products we offer to our Fortune 1000 clients,”
President and CEO of Global Systems Integrator

“Thank you for being persistent and hammering out solid products. We must have the most robust solution with the best throughput. I appreciate all of the effort,”
Systems Engineering Division Chief (US Government)

“We partnered with AVANU because the WebMux is a vital part of the whole UC solution while providing an affordable solution for our clients,”
President (Unified Communications Systems Integrator)

“Since partnering with AVANU, we have experienced seeing how AVANU has a dedicated focus to meeting their customers’ real-life requirements. Our customers are very enthusiastic about AVANU’s new WebMux™ platform,”
Executive Vice President (Government Systems Integrator)

“AVANU has provided products and services to us for several years now. It has been a relationship of mutual trust and respect. We know we can rely on their technical expertise to get the job done quickly and to do it right the first time. Their excellent work ethic, outstanding communications skills, and very high integrity have set AVANU apart from many other companies we do business with. We only wish other companies would follow AVANU’s example.
When we installed the first WebMux Load Balancer for our hosting environment, it was a breeze. It has required little to no maintenance, making it very cost-effective. And AVANU keeps close tabs on us, making sure we have the latest upgrades. We like to think of CAI and AVANU as the dynamic duo. Great products and great service.”
President (Managed Hosting Provider)

“Due to the power and reliability of WebMux, along with the responsiveness of the technical support team, we plan on employing only WebMuxes as our infrastructure load balancing devices well into the future,”
President (Reseller Network Security Specialty)

“I have been a satisfied AVANU customer for 5 years. They have reasonable prices and provide excellent support. When I recently needed to upgrade an older device, they went the extra mile to help with this effort,”
Chief Technology Office (Software Developer)

“Our web business grew rapidly from 1 to 50 servers – purchasing a WebMux made this growth, and ongoing maintenance incredibly straightforward. We have 3 now and the original WebMux is still up without failure 6 years later! Overall, a cost effective, easy to manage solution for any size business,”
Technical Director (E-recruitment Software Developer)

“The WebMux load balancer helps with data center deployment requirements that are critical to our enterprise customers by providing a low cost, high performance load balancing solution,”
Senior Product Manager, Real-Time Collaboration at Microsoft

“As a top managed service provider, we have relied on AVANU as the primary source for enterprise level products. In working with AVANU we have experience fast turnarounds, expert advice, and friendly service. In a fast paced market true partners that respond at the speed of light and take communication to the next level are the key factors that have allowed FastServers.Net to gain new business. AVANU keeps us up to date on all of the products we offer including updates and new product releases making both our technical support team and sales team on the cutting edge and able to offer new solutions to our customers,”
Vice-President (Global Hosting Provider)

“Working with AVANU has always been a pleasure. The sales staff has the depth of product knowledge needed to assist you in designing an enterprise class solution. Every order has been fulfilled on-time and correct. When I need remote access solutions, the only place I turn to is AVANU,”
Senior Engineering Application Developer (Manage IP Communications Provider)

“We configured the WebMux units three years ago and have never had to do anything to them or with them. They work flawlessly. As nothing has ever been wrong with the WebMux units, we have never had to do any upgrades. AVANU is great about keeping us updated on things they think we might need, such as firmware updates,”
Systems Administrator of Corporate Telecommunications Services (Telecommunication Company)

“We work with trusted suppliers such as AVANU, who not only have a keen customer-centric focus but are technically savvy and understands both our and our customers’ needs,”
Vice President of Technology (Managed Hosting Provider)

“As a reseller, it is critical that we meet our clients’ expectations. AVANU consistently helps us meet the needs of our clients with expedited overnight deliveries to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. AVANU’s commitment to outstanding customer service and their ability to process and ship international orders so quickly ensures that we can continue to exceed our clients’ expectations. The depth of product knowledge of AVANU’s seasoned staff has also been vital to our success in addressing our clients’ needs. We have been doing business with AVANU since 2000 and consider AVANU a highly-valued, long-term business partner,”
President (Reseller)

“Since 1999, AVANU has always provided timely and superb support. AVANUs professionalism, customer care, and delivery have exceeded our expectations,”
Chief Network Engineer (Managed Hosting and Cloud Services Provider)

“Microsoft® Office Live Communications Server 2005 Enterprise Edition’s tiered architecture benefits customers by substantially improving reliability, availability and scalability. The WebMux load balancer helps with data center deployment requirements that are critical to our enterprise customers by providing a low cost, high performance load balancing solution,”
Senior Product Manager of Real-Time Collaboration Group (Software Developer)

“As a Microsoft Gold Partner with specialization in Unified Communications and Voice, Convergent is constantly implementing Office Communications Server 2007 R2, now Lync™ Server 2010, and Exchange 2010 in complex, highly-available environments. AVANU has been instrumental in supplying the WebMux platform to Convergent. Our engineering team can quickly add advanced communication and collaboration capabilities and processes, at a good value for our customers”
Director Operations (Unified Communications Reseller)

“Reliability was a key selection criteria when we were searching for a load balancer. We are very satisfied with WebMux, particularly with its ease of setup and host fail over. We are using WebMux as a firewall as well as load balancer,”
CTO/CIO (B-to-B Services)

“WebMux is a great value product with an extremely good cost of ownership. It is easy to configure and maintain. In addition, CAI and AVANU are excellent companies that provide very timely delivery and great support.”
Systems Administrator (Merchant Credit Card Processor)

“WebMux was a dream to set up – it took five minutes from box to operation. It is very easy of use. We’ve received excellent support from both CAI and AVANU,”
Product Manager (Online Media Advertising)

“WebMux was the ideal, cost-effective solution for our load balancing requirements. Easy installation coupled with features suited for our application did not warrant the expensive high performance equipment offered by other vendors,”
President (Credit Card Processor)

“The WebMux features and cost of ownership were key in our selection of CAI Networks from AVANU as our supplier of load balancers. We are very pleased with the trouble free performance and will purchase additional units without hesitation as the need arises,”
Product Systems (Printing Services)

“Reliability and speed is what sold us on WebMux. We have one unit that has been operating for three years, trouble free! The value for our investment far exceeds anything offered by other products,”
CTO (Consumer Utilities and Home Services)