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WebMux Delivers High Availability Load Balancing to Pexip Infinity Scalable Meeting Platform

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The addition of Pexip’s conferencing platform to WebMux’s GUI configuration wizard assures consistently enhanced users experience

San Jose, CA – December 16, 2014 – AVANU® announces the addition of Pexip’s Infinity video conferencing platform to WebMux’s load balancing applications list. Pexip® Infinity along with other supported applications is built into the WebMux™ GUI applications wizard feature that simplifies and accelerates the installation for an optimized high-availability configuration. Pexip Infinity is a virtualized scalable meeting platform designed to provide high definition video-, audio-, and web conferencing to every user of any size organization. Together, AVANU’s WebMux high performing network load balancing of Pexip’s Infinity conferencing platform assures the user a high quality and successful conference and meeting experience. The WebMux affordable load balancing product line is scalable to meet the most demanding needs of Pexip Infinity users.

WebMux is an affordable, full-featured load balancing solution that manages, controls, and secures network traffic on layers 4 to 7 with the flexibility and power to support a wide range of TCP/IP and UDP/IP applications and services. Pexip Infinity is a distributed video-, audio-, and web conferencing infrastructure software that joins applications such as Microsoft® Lync® and traditional video- and audio conferencing together. It can be deployed either on-site or in a public or private cloud environment. Pexip Infinity delivers seamless high definition meeting experiences across virtually any available conferencing solution, including all major web browsers, operating systems, and personal devices. The different WebMux models offer performance scalability supporting gigabit to10-gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

“We are dedicated to providing an easy-to-use, affordable, and scalable high quality video, audio, and web meeting solution for our customers. AVANU’s WebMux Network Traffic manager and Pexip Infinity provide an effortless setup for a powerful enterprise solution,” says Simen Teigre, CEO of Pexip.

AVANU’s ongoing Simplicity Project targets many areas, including GUI applications setup wizards, network monitors, troubleshooting tools, and more. WebMux, based on a powerful 64-bit platform, has a full and sophisticated set of load balancing and security features supporting a wide range of applications and services, but AVANU always focuses on simplicity for the integrator and the end user.

WebMux comes with a two-year hardware warranty (parts and labor) and a full year of product technical support and firmware updates. All Webmux models support dual hot-swappable power supplies including dual-boot firmware that provides additional reliability and upgrade ease. Suggested retail prices start at US$7,499.00. For additional information, email sales@avanu.com, call 1.888.248.4900 US Toll Free or 1.408.248.8960 International, or visit www.avanu.com.

About AVANU®
AVANU® is based in San Jose, California and is a privately held network infrastructure product developer with
manufacturing and production in the United States. AVANU is customer-centric focused on performance with
high value products for the IT infrastructures and data center environments, including the powerful WebMux Network Traffic Manager, a full-featured load balancing solution for managing, controlling, and securing local network Layers 4-7 traffic. Founded in 1997, AVANU is a certified participant in the U.S. SBA’s 8(a)/SDB development program and WOSB Certified.

About Pexip®
Pexip® overthrows conventional thinking by providing an affordable, scalable, and virtualized meeting platform that truly enables everyone to do high-quality video meetings from any device. For Pexip, simplicity for the end user and IT is a guiding principle in the design of Pexip Infinity, the scalable meeting platform. Founded in 2012, Pexip was created by leading innovators from the videoconferencing industry. Pexip is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and has offices in New York and London. For more information, visit www.pexip.com.