AVANews – Virtual WebMux Network Traffic Manager

AVANU Rises into the Cloud with New Virtual WebMux Network Traffic Manager – High Performance Load Balancing Solution

AVANU’s Cost-Effective Virtual WebMux™ for VMware® ESXi™, Oracle® VM VirtualBox®, and Microsoft® Windows® Server Hyper-V® includes all the sophisticated load balancing features and popular configuration setup wizards for quick and easy deployment as the WebMux appliance model

avanu virtual webmux

San Jose, CA – May 5, 2015 – AVANU® today announces the Virtual WebMux Network Traffic Manager product for virtual data centers and cloud computing environments. Virtual WebMux is a full-featured software load balancing solution that supports VMware ESXi, Oracle VM VirtualBox, and Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V. The product supports on-site private cloud computing environments to popular cloud service providers including VMware vCloud® Air, Amazon® Web Services (AWS), Microsoft AZURE®, and Google® Cloud Platform (GCP). The WebMux load balancing features have over a decade of development using intensive algorithms that provide high capacity, reliability, and availability to manage, control, and secure IPv4 and IPv6 TCP and UDP protocols, applications and services. The product’s added value includes the overall customer-centric design with setup and configuration wizards for popular applications and services that make for optimal deployment quick, easy, and highly reliable. The Virtual WebMux Network Traffic Manager comes with a full-year product support.

Virtual data centers and cloud computing (private and global) continue to accelerate in popularity due to the simplicity of automation, scalability, and up-front costs. Load balancing the network traffic for different applications and services play a very important role within these environments. Virtual WebMux fulfills this role providing an affordable and cost-effective highly reliable load balancing solution assuring high availability so users data is delivered to its intended destination. The built-in configuration wizards save on manpower to quickly deploy Virtual WebMux. The current available wizards are for popular applications and services including Microsoft applications (Exchange Server 2010 and 2013, Skype® for Business Server 2015, Lync® Server 2010 and 2013, SharePoint® Server, and terminal services), Pexip® Infinity, LiteScape OnCast, RedHat® JBoss®, Eclipse Jetty, Apache® Tomcat, Oracle® WebLogic®, IBM® WebSphere®, and HTTP/HTTPS services.

“AVANU’s goal is to make IPv4 and IPv6 traffic management simple. The AVANU evolution of its WebMux Network Traffic Manager, building on a long history as a solid and highly reliable load balancing solution is now available on the virtual platform. The virtual appliances will allow AVANU to further expand the Simplicity tools that support developers and network engineers. The tools avoid having to learn volumes when only a task needs to be completed.” Fritz Ames, CTO of AVANU.

Virtual WebMux Network Traffic Manager is available for 1, 3, 5, and 10 Gbits/s Internet link throughputs and comes with a full-year of product technical support.