Mobile Technology and WebMux

avanu webmux mobile screens

New Management Interface for WebMux Enterprise-class Load Balancing/ADC Solution to Optimize Use With Mobile Technology


AVANU WebMux v12 features a new interface for managing local network applications and services traffic using smartphones and tablets

San Jose, CA – May 4, 2016 – AVANU® releases WebMux Network Traffic Manager v12, featuring a new management interface to optimize the use of smartphone and tablet mobile technologies. WebMux is an enterprise-class load balancing/ADC solution that manages, controls, and secures local network L4-7 traffic for high availability of TCP/UDP IP applications and services. WebMux reliably keeps internal and external clients connected to applications and services being served by the network server farms. The new interface increases the WebMux management convenience and ease in today’s highly mobile work environment. All WebMux hardware appliance models and Virtual WebMux software editions have the same extensive and robust load balancing features that is affordable for any size business. The WebMux appliances come with a 2-year product warranty with 1-year product support and Virtual WebMux editions come with 1-year product support.

“AVANU continues to focus on delivering products that are easy to use and maintain without jeopardizing performance, quality, and capability to meet every customer’s diverse requirements and budgets,” says Pamela Sun, President of AVANU.

AVANU launched the WebMux Simplicity Project in 2014 to simplify the entire user experience and lower the complexity bar when setting up a sophisticated enterprise-class load balancing/ADC solution. The project started by adding setup wizards making WebMux easy to configure and quick to deploy for commonly used applications and services. Other quick configuration options include the front panel LCD on the WebMux hardware appliance and the secured GUI browser interface. Other terms for a Network Traffic Manager (NTM) include application delivery controller (ADC), load balancer (LB), hardware load balancer (HLB), network load balancer (NLB), server load balancer (SLB), and local traffic manager (LTM).

Supporting mobile devices significantly adds to the WebMux user experience.