WebMux Project Design

Simplicity Project

AVANU launched the WebMux Simplicity Project in 2014 to simplify the entire user experience and lower the complexity bar when setting up a sophisticated enterprise-class Network load balancing solution. The project started by adding setup wizards making WebMux easy to configure and quick to deploy for commonly used applications and services. Other quick configuration options include the front panel LCD on the WebMux hardware appliance and the secured GUI browser interface.

With the launch of our new platform came our new WebMux chassis design.

We save you the time and money writing the scripts to get started other Network load balancing solutions demand.  You have no scripting required with the WebMux.  Getting started is quick with WebMux’s graphical user interface and its wizards for setting up and configuring load balancing for popular applications.  Our wizards now handle generic HTTP, generic HTTPS, generic HTTP/HTTPS, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft SharePoint, RedHat JBoss, Eclipse Jetty, LiteScape, Pexip, Apache Tomcat, Oracle WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere with more yet to come.

WebMux Setup and Configuration Wizard Menu for popular TCP and UDP based Internet protocol (IP) applications and services

avanu webmux wizard menu

avanu webmux menu for microsoft exchange 2013










avanu webmux menu


avanu webmux screens








Managing local network applications and services traffic using smartphones and tablet mobile devices

AVANU’s Simplicity project is an ongoing project putting out targeted solutions in several areas, including setup wizards, network-monitoring, troubleshooting tools, and continuing into all areas of the WebMux interfaces.

Customers of AVANU WebMux products who maintain their product service coverage will receive all of the new features and enhancements upon request.  Updates can be found here and on our blog or AVANews page.